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is in our DNA

Grupo Inventia: in Grupo Inventia we have a brand spirit that drives all of our projects. We lways keep in mind our past and our future. We were born with the desire to offer the best to our customers and we want continue doing so.


Logo Grupo Inventia

We have grown so much since then, but have not forgotten the ideas from which we started. Our different aspects always maintain the essence of Inventia. In all of them is the imprint of a brand that defines us, a spirit we share. Our initial ideas, quality and trust, are backed by creativity, innovation and the drive of those who refuse to stop growing. Our brand spirit, our DNA, is all over Grupo Inventia team. In all its brands. That is why we are different.



Marca Inventia Click

Inventia Click: perfectly represents Grupo Inventia’s spirit. Its brand image reflects the tranquility of those who have enjoyed its wide variety of apartments. The range of blue and the predominant white conveys the values of relaxation and confidence that join with the dynamism and youth of the urban destinations offered.



Inventia Rural: is the green branch of our brand. It is dedicated exclusively to rural tourism, to the countryside, to nature; to all that means escaping the urban environments of everyday life. This is reflected in the aesthetics of this side of the group, which maintaining the common values, departs from the routine to take us to a green world, differet from all of that usually surrounds us.



Marca Inventia Project
Inventia Project: it is professionalism, always present in the shared spirit of the brand. In this case, is extended to the workplace, because aimed to business reforms it brings even more reliability and commitment. for reforms aimed at business provides extra confidence and a commitment bonus. The excellence of this section is set in the silver details accompanying the usual Inventia aesthetics.



Marca Inventia Fachadas

Inventia Fachadas: the utmost reliability, confidence and clarity are the values that wants to convey an expert company in rehabilitation and restoration. All this combined with the dynamism and diversity that Grupo Inventia shows in their projects. A unique spirit for a different group.


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