Comprehensive projects

Architecture was the group’s starting point. Our beginnings were the reforms and rehabilitations of facades, buildings and premises of all kinds. Over time, we have formed an expert group in comprehensive architectural projects. That is why now continue offering reforms and rehabilitation of facades, stairs, decks, homes or commercial premises with greater commitment than ever. The experience of our experts and the growth of the group behind us.

Grupo Inventia is an expert in the rehabilitation of facades and courtyards, whether in homes, offices or historic buildings. We do comprehensive rehabilitations as well as maintenance works or the full restoration of facades from our website Inventia Fachadas. We also have an area of comprehensive reforms of housing. We do not stop only outside, we have specialists to rehabilitate all areas of your home. From Inventia Reformas we offer comprehensive services, including demolition, masonry, installation, carpentry and kitchen and bathrooms. Our team is also provided with technical and interior design departments, Reformas BCN, that will take care of every last aspect of your home. For complete interior design projects, we have Inventia Design, a company dedicated exclusively to this area. Inventia Project goes further and reaches your business. Our experts reform entertainment venues, offices, shops, clinics or any other commercial local performing complete works for your business.

Grupo Inventia has a whole series of projects on architecture to offer you the service you need. From specific works on the recovery of a facade to the complete renovation of premises or an entire building. Grupo Inventia makes all this possible and also has its division of Tourism and Leisure for attaining the overall confluence of projects.

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