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About Us

Grupo Inventia is a confluence of projets united by the ideals of quality and trust. We are a young group that does not want to stop growing, as shown by our diversity and our team of experts in each area we operate.

We were born of the experience, initiative and commitment of two entrepreneurs. We have not ceased to grow and evolve. We started oriented to reforms and renovations, but now our scope is much wider. We have no fear to explore new ways because we maintain our idea of quality. Because we still have your trust.

Today Grupo Inventia continues to offer the best works in architecture and interior design in all kinds of buildings, facades and rooms. In addition, Inventia is positioned as a leading group in renting apartments and cottages.

Our growth allow us to give our customers specific works in every field, as well as comprehensive services that join all our knowledge and experience in a common goal. We are a confluence of projects seeking to work together to bring you everything you need.

From our offices in Barcelona we work all over Spain, but we have no borders. The best example is Inventia Click, which extends each month its tourist offer throughout Europe. Our only limits are the ideas with which Grupo Inventia emerged.

We are a team working to keep growing. To offer you quality. To have your trust.

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