Our team

Constant improvement is our goal

Grupo Inventia is composed of a technical and creative team that maintains the ideas and spirit of those who started the project. The desire for constant improvement is the banner of our team, which creates and develops the most advanced and innovative solutions for our various areas.

The team of Grupo Inventia has not stopped growing. Our development has been possible due to a group of excited people who believe in the project, its capabilities and you. We are a highly specialized staff in the areas of Architecture and Tourism. The two souls of Grupo Inventia have men and women of a full and well-rounded education as well as a large professional experience in a spirit of synergy for all of our fields.

Grupo Inventia is a professional and expert team that struggles to improve day to day. To keep growing, to keep offering the highest quality in our products and services, we have a nonconformist team working in the same direction. The diversity of Grupo Inventia comes together in the goal of our team. Constant improvement.

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